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The term "Non-Personally-Identifying Information" is defined as information that, without the help of any additional information, cannot be directly associated with the identification of a specific person. "Personally-Identifying Information," conversely, is information such as a name or email address that can be directly associated with the identification of a specific person. Similar to mainstream website operating procedures, Findparking.com also gathers the Website Non-Personally-Identifying Information of the sort that web browsers, depending on their settings, may make available for website providers to access. This information includes the user's Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system details, browser type, and the locations of the Web pages the user views before arriving at, while browsing through, and immediately after leaving the Website. Findparking.com collates, assimilates, and analyzes this Non-Personally-Identifying Information gathered from the users of the Website to better aid Findparking.com in understanding how the Website is being used. This helps identify patterns and trends in usage, thereby enabling better design choices that improve users' experiences both in terms of ease of use and content. Findparking.com may also release the Non-Personally-Identifying Information gathered from Website users in the aggregate, such as by publishing a report on trends in the usage of the Website. The Website may also periodically collect and obtain both Personally-Identifying Information and Non-Personally-Identifying Information about you from other Findparking.com affiliated businesses, business partners, contractors, and third parties to add it to our account information or other information we have otherwise collected. Instances of information that we receive may include users' purchase history, additional demographic data, and updated address information.  


A "web cookie" is a string of information that a website stores on a user's computer that the browser being used provides back to the Website every time the user submits a query. Findparking.com also uses web cookies to monitor the sites that our users visit during each session of our Website to help Findparking.com further enhance user experience and help them understand how our Website is being used. As with other non-personally-identifying information obtained from website users, Findparking.com analyses and discloses in aggregate form-information collected using web cookies to help Findparking.com, its partners, and others better understand the user's browsing behavior and preferences. Please note that Findparking.com does not seek to connect the information collected by the use of web cookies as personal-identifying information. Users of Findparking.com who do not wish to have web cookies stored on their computers can choose to set their browsers to reject web cookies before accessing our Website. However, when doing so, the user agrees and understands that some features of the site will not work correctly without the support of the aforementioned web cookies. Website users who refuse to use cookies accept full responsibility for any loss of access and functionality that might result from visiting our Website. 


Findparking.com uses third-party advertising companies for advertising when you visit the Website. These companies may use information (not including any Personal Identifying Information) about your visit to our Website and other websites stored in your web cookies to provide ads about goods and services of interest that may be of interest to you. We also provide our customers with the choice of opting out of third-party ad servers and network site cookies entirely by using the Network Advertising Initiative tool. For a detailed description and more related information about this practice of not using this information by third-party advertising agencies, please follow the following link: http://networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp. Please reach out to us for any assistance or queries regarding the identity of third-party advertising companies that we use to serve ads.


A "Web Beacon" is an object that is embedded in a web page (usually invisible to the user) that allows website operators to check whether a user has viewed a specific web page or email. Findparking.com may use Web Beacons on the Website and in emails to count users who have visited specific pages, viewed emails, and provide co-branded services. Web Beacons are not used to access the Personal-Identifying Information of users; they are a technique that Findparking.com may use to compile aggregated statistics on the use of the Website. Web Beacons collect a limited set of information, including a web cookie number, the time and date of the page or email view, and a description of the page or email address on which the Web Beacon is. Customers cannot deny the use of Web Beacons. However, they may be rendered ineffective by disabling all Web Cookies or by modifying the browser settings to notify the customer each time a Web Cookie is offered and allowing the customer to accept or disallow Web Cookies on an individual basis. 


Findparking.com can share aggregated and non-personally identifiable information collected in any of the circumstances described above. This information can also be shared with third parties and affiliates to assist in the creation and distribution of targeted ads on our Website and said third party websites. We can combine collected Non-Personally Identifying Information with additional Non-Personally Identifying Information from other sources. Aggregated information can also be exchanged with third parties, including lawyers, marketers, and investors, to perform general market analyses. We can tell our advertisers the number of visits to our Website and the most common features or services accessed. It can be used to create content on the Website to advertise products, ads, and services that we hope would attract you and other users. 



As described above, Personally-Identifying Information is information that can be specifically related to identifying a particular individual. Findparking.com also gathers a variety of Personally Identifiable Details from and about users of our Website. However, much of the Personally Identifiable Information gathered about users by Findparking.com is information given at the time of registration with the Website and payment services by the users themselves. This way, the details collected will include the name, address, email address, and telephone number of each person. This happens when customers engage in business transactions with us, which may include financial details such as your mode of payment (valid credit card number, sort, expiry date, or other financial information). As decided by Findparking.com, we can also request information about your preferences, hobbies, gender, age, date of birth, username, location, additional demographic details, and other related information. Please note that users are not obligated to send any Personally-Identifying Information of any sort to the Findparking.com website. It should, however, be taken into account that the reluctance of a user to do so could prevent him/her from accessing certain features of the Website. 

By default, when you register with or use the Website, the customer consents to the use and disclosure of their personally-identifying information as defined in this section on the "collection, use, and disclosure of personal identifying information." 


On the Website, we have several sections where customers can post service provider information and feedback. However, due to the use of the Findparking.com website by certain users, some Personally-Identifying Information obtained from users is revealed. Such posts are regulated by our Terms of Use and may also appear on other websites or when searches on the topic of your posting are carried out. If consumers willingly share personal information on websites that are publicly viewable, the information will be made accessible to the public. It can be used and/or compiled by others. Consider a scenario where you post your email address on our Website, which ends up receiving unsolicited messages from you. Findparking.com cannot monitor who reads your posting on our Website or what other users can do with your voluntary posting information. We advise you to exercise discretion and strict caution about your personal data. Important: USERS ASSUME ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS OF PRIVACY OR OTHER OUTCOME OF THE PERSONALLY-IDENTIFY INFORMATION VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE. 


Occasionally, we may use your name and email address to give you updates about new services provided by Findparking.com, which we think may be of benefit to the Customer. We can also give you service-related updates, now and then, via the service's general activity. Customers can opt-out of such newsletters, either by accessing and editing their account settings at the time of registration or. Findparking.com is entitled to send updates about its account to the Customer even though they refuse all voluntary email alerts. 


By sending a notice of copyright infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act [DMCA] (as further clarified in our Infringement Policy) or any other communication (including communications of content stored on or transmitted via the Website), the Customer agrees to have that communication transmitted to the person or organization that has stored, transmitted or connected the material. Please note that we will update your name and contact information upon a request made to Findparking.com for notices of violations of our Terms of Use or some other correspondence of this nature (but not DMCA copyright infringement notifications). Note that notices of DMCA copyright infringement (including any personally identifying information set out in the notices) will be forwarded to Findparking.com without deletion or editing. 



By Law or to Protect Rights:  

Where we conclude that disclosure is necessary in connection with attempts to investigate, deter or otherwise take action concerning criminal activity, alleged fraud, or other wrongdoing; to protect and defend the rights, property, or welfare of our Findparking.com customers, our employees, or others; to comply with applicable laws or to cooperate with law enforcement agencies; or to enforce our Terms of Use or otherwise Findparking.com can, in such situations, raise or waive any legal complaint or right that is accessible to us. 

Direct Mail Partners:  

Findparking.com can, now and then, share our postal mailing list with selected suppliers of products and services that may be of interest to the Customer. However, if you want to opt-out of receiving such emails and information from such providers, you can choose to do so by going to your account settings at the time of registration on our Website, or at any time afterward. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Us section to reach out to us.  

Marketing Communications:  

If users choose not to opt-out of receiving marketing materials from Findparking.com upon registration, we will continue to contact users about the goods and services provided by Findparking.com. We will also provide third party email information to users so that third parties can contact users directly about additional products and services. Please note that a user can opt-out of receiving Findparking.com marketing materials or have their email details sent to third parties at any time after registration. Users can do this by going to their account settings or by contacting us via the contact details below. However, even after opting to opt-out from receiving such correspondence, a user may still receive marketing emails from third parties to which Findparking.com has already given the email details to the user. Note that users would be liable for contacting those third parties directly to request the cessation of additional emails to the market.  

Service Provider:  

Whenever a user places a service order from one of the service providers, the Website can pass on all the details required to plan and deliver the order to the service provider. This can also include the transfer of credit card and other payment details in situations where the payment is made by a parking spot other than Findparking.com. In certain cases, users would have to contact these service providers directly to decide if the privacy policies relate to the information that Findparking.com has transmitted to the service providers.  

Third-party Service Providers:  

Sharing your Personally-Identifying Information with our approved service providers that perform those services on our behalf may occur, which may include your name and contact details (this includes email addresses). These services may include order fulfillment, business results, providing customer service and marketing assistance, sales analysis, contest support, sweepstakes, surveys, improving the design of our Website, and other features provided via our Website. We may also share with our approved service providers who process credit card payments, your name, contact, and credit card information. Please note that these Service Providers may have access to personal information required to perform their banking functions but are not allowed to share or use such information for any purposes other than the ones stated above.  

Business Transfers and Bankruptcy:  

In the event of an acquisition, bankruptcy, merger, or other disposal of any or parts of Findparking.com 's properties, Findparking.com retains the right to pass any Personally Identifiable Details in its possession to a successor entity. In addition to the extent required by a bankruptcy or other case, the use and disclosure of all Personally Identifiable Information transferred will be subject to this Privacy Policy or a new Privacy Policy if you are informed of such a new Privacy Policy and have the opportunity to affirmatively reject it.  


By accessing their account settings or by contacting us using the contact information given below, customers have the ability to alter, upgrade, or revisit their Personally-Identifying Details at any time. After we receive the request, we will automatically deactivate or erase your account and contact details from our active databases. All details related to the request will be deactivated or removed as soon as possible based on the account behavior of the client, given the user's request for termination of account is in compliance with our policy of deactivation and relevant laws. The deactivation/termination request may be made by customers accessing their account settings or contacting us. Please note that we will maintain some personal information in our database to deter fraud, assist with any inquiries, troubleshoot issues, implement our terms of use, and meet legal requirements as required by law. 

Customers may either go to your account settings to fill out this request or contact us, as given below. We will maintain some personal information in our files to avoid fraud, troubleshoot issues, assist with any inquiries, implement our Terms of Use, and comply with legal requirements as required by law. In response to your inquiries, customers should remember that they do not expect any of their personal details to be deleted entirely from our databases. In addition, we will continue to keep a database of updated details for your account to investigate alleged fraud cases.  


For the following purposes, we will use the Personally Identifiable Information in the file we hold about you and other details that we collect from your past and current activities on the Website. To deliver the goods and services you have requested; to maintain your account and provide customer support; to communicate with you, via email, postal mail, telephone and/or mobile devices, about products or services that may be of interest to you from us, our affiliates or other third parties; to create and show content and ads tailored to your needs; We can look at multiple users to sometimes recognize problems. We can also review your Personally-Identifying Information to identify users using different User IDs or aliases. We can use your financial details or payment methods to process payment for any purchases made on our Website, to enroll you in discounts, rebates, and other programs that you choose to participate in, to protect against or detect potentially fraudulent transactions, and otherwise, as required to manage our business. For the accuracy and identification of potential omissions and errors, we may also compare and evaluate your Personally Identifiable Information.  


Findparking.com can sometimes give our Website users an opportunity to participate in exclusive prizes, competitions, and other promotions. All information submitted for such activities will be handled in compliance with this Privacy Policy. Findparking.com can also ask our Website users on some occasions to engage in surveys designed to further enhance the Findparking.com Website. Any Personally-Identifying Information submitted to Findparking.com in connection with such inquiries will only be used in relation to that particular survey alone and will only be released in a non-personally identifiable aggregated form to third parties not bound by this Privacy Policy.  


Findparking.com can give users the opportunity to send referral emails about our Website to friends. Please note that if users wish to use this feature, you can be assured that Findparking.com only uses email addresses of friends to send the requested email on a singular basis. 


Findparking.com contractually forbids the disclosure of Personally Identifiable Details obtained through Findparking.com to its distributors, suppliers, contractors, and associates, rather than in compliance with this Privacy Policy. It should also be remembered that there is no duty on third parties to comply with this Privacy Policy. This relates to the Personally Identifiable Information provided by users directly to third parties or obtained for themselves by those third parties. Findparking.com does not own or manage any of the third-party websites which are accessible through the Website. Consequently, this Privacy Policy does not extend to information supplied or obtained by the third parties that run it. Customers should ensure that, when accessing a third party, users can remind themselves of the privacy policies and practices (if any) of the third-party responsible for that Website, either through a connection on the Website or otherwise. Users should also take the appropriate steps to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of those users are respected until any third party is provided with any Personally-Identifying Information. 


We take the protection of your Personally-Identifying Information very seriously at Findparking.com and seek to provide secure electronic, confidential, and physical measures to ensure that the information is safe from loss, fraud, modification, or misuse. Please note, however, that even though the best security measures are applied, this does not always guarantee tamper-proof protection or eradicate all risks. 


Findparking.com has the right to can amend this Privacy Policy from time to time at its absolute discretion. Any and all such changes to Findparking.com 's Privacy Policy will however be reflected on this page. The date of the updated new versions will also be indicated at the top of this Privacy Policy. Unless Findparking.com obtains your express consent, any revised Privacy Policy will only apply to information collected after the revised Privacy Policy takes effect, and not to information collected under any previous Privacy Policy. Users are also advised to check this page regularly for any updates to its Privacy Policy. Every now and then, Findparking.com will also add new versions of the Privacy Policy to the Website. However, Findparking.com may decide to notify users of any changes made to this Privacy Policy via email or otherwise, as determined at its discretion. Similarly, it is important to note that users should also maintain and update their contact information at the earliest opportunity. Changes to our current Privacy Policy usually take effect 30 days after the updates are posted on the Web. 


Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code, also known as the "Shine the Light" law, allows our users who are residents of California to request from us, free of charge, personal data information (if any), which we disclosed to third parties for direct marketing purposes in the previous calendar year. If applicable, all details relating to a list of the categories of personal information shared and the names and addresses of all third parties with whom we shared information in the immediately preceding calendar year would be included in the information provided. Residents of California who wish to make such a request can do so by submitting your request to our privacy officer in writing, as listed below.