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Parking at Orlando Airport

Ranked as the busiest airport in Florida, Orlando Airport handles almost 50 million passengers annually. This, in turn, makes Orlando International Airport parking a cause for concern in two ways: finding a spot and the exorbitant rates. But we can solve that problem for you. Some of the cheapest MCO airport parking options are at the tip of your finger rather than going in circles looking for offsite airport parking Orlando has.

Here's the lowdown on parking at Orlando Airport:

Onsite parking at Orlando Airport

Parking at Orlando Airport is available across 6 lots: Economy Lot (North Park Place and South Park Place), Parking Garage A, B and C, Terminal Top parking, Valet parking, Hyatt Valet parking, and Hotel parking. There is accessible parking complete with ramps, lifts, or foot or hand controls at MCO Airport.

(Note: The following lots are closed till further notice: North Park Place and Parking Garage C.)

Onsite parking at Orlando Airport rates

Orlando Airport long term parking rates

MCO Parking Lot MCO long term parking rates
South Park Place Economy Lot $10/day
Parking Garage (A and B) $19/day
Terminal Top Parking $19/day
Offsite parking near Orlando Airport with shuttle $5.15/day

Short term parking at Orlando Airport rates

MCO Parking Lot MCO Parking Rates
South Park Place Economy Lot Free (first 10 minutes)
Parking Garage (A and B) Free (first 10 minutes)
Terminal Top Parking Free (first 10 minutes)
Offsite parking near Orlando Airport with shuttle $2.65/day

Offsite parking near Orlando Airport

If you’re okay with parking near Orlando Airport instead of parking at Orlando Airport, you’ll have a broader range of options. We have compiled some of the best parking lots near Orlando Airport as an alternative to parking at Orlando airport. Findparking.com has made the booking process is quite simple so that parking at Orlando will not be a hassle for you. Book an affordable and premium Orlando International Airport parking in less than a minute. Reserve the parking spot you feel would meet your needs, and you can park and fly from Orlando Airport with peace of mind.

Orlando International Airport parking Tips

Book early – The earlier you book your park and fly Orlando Airport spot, the less you’ll have to pay. It stands to reason that once the MCO long term parking spots start getting sold out, the rates will start going higher.

Offsite parking near Orlando Airport – Another suggestion would be to opt for offsite parking spots as cheaper than the Orlando International Airport parking spots! Most of the lots we offer are near Orlando Airport.

Reserve online – Book your spot MCO long term parking spot online. Log in to findparking.com to get unbeatable offers.

Orlando International Airport parking FAQs

How much does parking at Orlando Airport cost?

The following parking lots South Park Place Economy Lot and Parking Garages A and B, offer the first 10 minutes free. Terminal Top parking provides free parking for the first 10-20 minutes, and post that, the user gets charged. You can find inexpensive offsite parking at offsite Orlando Airport lots and park and fly Orlando hotel lots nearby that cost less than $4/day if you book on findparking.com

How much is economy parking at Orlando Airport?

The first 10 minutes in the Economy Lot is free. The user will then be charged $5 from the 11th minute till the end of the 3rd hour. The daily rate will be $10.

How much does MCO long term parking cost?

The rates of MCO long term parking vary quite a bit. For the South Park Place Economy Lot, it is $10 per Day, Parking Garages (A and B) and Terminal Top parking will set you back by $19 per day, the valet parking will cost you $28.76 per day, and the Hyatt Valet parking will cost $25 per day.

Is there free parking at Orlando Airport?

Yes, there is. The North and South Cell Phone Lot is free. You can use this lot while waiting to pick someone up.

Does MCO Airport have EV charging stations?

Yes. You can EV charging stations at Terminal A.

Where do I meet my Uber/Lyft driver or find a cab at Orlando Airport?

Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft can drop you off at the departure level, alongside regular passengers and taxis. Notify your driver of the airlines and preferably the terminal upon entering the airport premises.

Is it safe to park at Orlando Airport?

All the airport parking options we offer on findparking.com offer secure parking near Orlando. Several have CCTV surveillance, fencing, and round-the-clock security.

MCO Airport Helpful Hints

  • Since MCO is considered to be one of the busiest airports, it is better to arrive early. If you are unsure of your timings, keep a regular check of your departure and arrival time using flight tracker tools.
  • The best way to check-in is online, where you can pick your seat and print your boarding card.
  • There's the main hub between the two terminals that can be a perfect resource for gifts, toys, and a way to entertain kids. There are plenty of places to shop if you have time to kill or souvenirs left to collect. There's a SeaWorld store, two Kennedy Space Center stores, two Universal stores with loads of Harry Potter merchandise, and two different Disney stores that have everything you could want.
May 2022