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Parking at Miami Airport

We bring you the best parking at Miami Airport at the click of a button. Yes, parking at Miami Airport can be that easy! No more driving around crowded MIA long term parking lots searching for cheap MIA parking rates. Finding cheap parking at Miami Airport is not an easy task! This, despite the large numbers of MIA long term parking and short-term parking options. Here's a quick summary for parking at Miami Airport:

Onsite parking at Miami Airport

Onsite parking at Miami Airport is available in Flamingo Garage, Dolphin Garage, Valet Parking. The Flamingo Garage serves Central Terminals F & G, and South Terminals H & J. The Dolphin Garage serves North Terminals D and E.

Rates for onsite parking at Miami airport

MIA long term parking rates

MIA long term parking MIA parking rates
Dolphin Garage $17/day
Flamingo Garage $17/day
Valet Parking $30/day
Offsite parking near MIA airport with shuttle $4.70/day

MIA short term parking rates

MIA short term parking MIA parking rates
Dolphin Garage $6/hour
Flamingo Garage $6/hour
Valet parking (0-3 hours) $18 ($30 for 3-24 hours)
Offsite parking BNA with shuttle $4.70/day

Offsite parking near MIA Airport

If you're okay with parking near MIA Airport instead of parking at Miami Airport, you'll have a broader range of options. We have compiled some of the best offsite MIA long term parking options as an alternative to the official lots. Findparking.com has made the booking process quite simple so that parking at Miami Airport will not be a hassle for you. Book a premium yet cheap parking near MIA Airport in less than a minute. Reserve the parking spot you feel would meet your needs, and you can park and fly from MIA Airport with peace of mind.

Tips for parking at Miami Airport

Book early – The earlier you book your parking at Miami Airport, the less you'll have to pay. It stands to reason that once the MIA long term parking spots start getting sold out, the MIA parking rates will start going higher.

Offsite parking – This another great way to get cheap MIA long term parking spots. Most of the lots you see on our site offer parking near MIA Airport, in fact, just minutes away from the airport, making the need to park onsite needless.

Reserve online – Cheap MIA parking rates can be found not onsite but online, more specifically, right here on findparking.com. Make your MIA parking reservations with us and get your hands on the cheapest MIA long term parking.

Parking at Miami Airport FAQs

How much does parking at Miami Airport cost?

Parking at Miami Airport can cost you anywhere in the range of $6/hour to $30/day. If you feel that these costs are rather excessive, you want to consider offsite parking near MIA Airport. You can find plenty of offsite parking near MIA airport for rates as low as $4.70/day, with free shuttle transportation.

How much does MIA long term parking cost?

MIA long term parking is offered by Flamingo Garage, Dolphin Garage, and Valet Parking. Parking at Flamingo Garage and Dolphin Garage will cost you $17 per day. Valet Parking at Miami Airport can cost you $30 per day. Offsite parking near MIA Airport offers way better MIA parking rates starting at just $4.70 per day with a free MIA Airport shuttle!

How much is short term parking at Miami Airport?

Parking at Flamingo Garage and Dolphin Garage will cost you $6/hour. Valet Parking at Miami Airport can cost you $18 for 0-3 hours and $30 for 3-24 hours.

Is there free parking at Miami Airport?

Yes, there is a free cell phone waiting lot at MIA Airport. This is a convenient parking option if you're going to the airport to pick someone up. Parking here is free only for a limited time. Commercial vehicles aren't allowed.

Does MIA Airport have EV charging stations?

Yes. At MIA Airport, EV charging stations are located in Arrivals first level, inner loop between Terminals E and G and Departures second level, valet parking at the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages.

Where can I find MIA parking coupons?

MIA parking coupons can be found on sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, or Ebates. For the best deals, discounts, and cheap MIA parking rates, you need to try websites like findparking.com.

Is it safe to park at Miami Airport?

All the airport parking options we offer on findparking.com offer secure parking near MIA Airport. Several have CCTV surveillance, fencing, and round-the-clock security.

December 2021