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Parking at Fresno Airport (FAT)

We bring you the most affordable deals for parking at Fresno Airport, all at the click of a button. Yes, airport parking Fresno can be that easy! No more circling around crowded lots searching for cheap Fresno International Airport parking. Get cheap offsite parking FAT spots, whose rates the onsite airport lots cannot match. We all know that the Fresno airport parking rates are slightly on the costlier side, despite many parking spaces available. Here's a quick summary of spots for cheap parking Fresno Airport offers:

Onsite Fresno Airport parking rates

Onsite parking at Fresno Airport parking is available at the Short Term and Long Term Parking Lots.

Onsite parking Fresno Airport rates

Fresno airport long term parking

FAT Parking Lot FAT parking rates
Short Term Parking Lot $12/day
Long Term Parking Lot $8/day
Findparking offsite parking FAT lots $3.20/day

Short term parking FAT

FAT Parking Lot FAT parking rates
Short Term Parking Lot $1 for every 20 minutes
Long Term Parking Lot $1 for every 20 mins
Findparking offsite parking FAT lots $3.20/day

Offsite cheap parking Fresno Airport

If you're okay with parking near FAT instead of parking at Fresno Airport, you'll have a far more comprehensive range of choices. We've gathered these choices for you to compare, reserve, park, and save! Choose the best parking Fresno Airport has to offer by using Findparking.com. The booking process is easy-access and straightforward. You can book your long term parking FAT spot in less than a minute, then park and fly from FAT with no worries at all.

All you need to do is choose the option you like best from the lots you see above and reserve your spot. We'll do all the rest of the work so that you can have a hassle-free Fresno Airport parking experience.

Tips for snagging cheap parking at Fresno Airport

Book early – You'll find the most affordable Fresno airport parking by booking early. Once the FAT parking spots start getting snapped up, the rates are bound to shoot up, especially Fresno airport long term parking.

Offsite airport parking Fresno – This another great way to get access to cheap airport parking at Fresno! Our offsite lots offer rates that FAT onsite lots can't beat! Most of the lots you see on our site offer airport parking near Fresno airport, in fact, just minutes away from the terminals, making the need to park onsite unnecessary.

Reserve Online – The cheapest Fresno airport parking spots can be found not onsite but online, more specifically, right here on findparking.com. You can get great rates on cheap long term parking FAT, which onsite airport lots come nowhere close to! What are you waiting for? Book your spot now!

Fresno Aiport Parking FAQs

How much is Fresno Airport parking?

Onsite parking at Fresno Airport varies depending on whether you want to park short term or long term. While short term parking will cost you $1 for every 20 minutes parked, long term parking will cost you either $8 or $12, depending on which lot you choose. You can find inexpensive offsite Fresno International Airport parking for as low as $3.20/day if you book on findparking.com!

How much does short term Fresno airport parking cost?

Short term onsite parking is available at the Short Term parking lot for $1 every 20 minutes. If you don't mind parking offsite, you can find even better deals on findparking.com. Our offsite lots help you find the best airport parking Fresno rates!

How much does long term parking FAT cost?

Long term parking FAT is available for $8 at the Long Term parking lot and $12 at the Short Term parking lot. Find even cheaper rates that onsite lots can’t beat on findparking.com.

Is there free Fresno airport parking?

Yes, free parking is available at Fresno Airport at the Cell Phone Lot for up to 1 hour. It is perfect for picking up passengers. Vehicles must remain attended when parked here.

How do I find transport from Fresno Airport?

Fresno airport is well connected by frequent bus services and rental car services, which can be availed at the airport.

Is it safe to park at Fresno Airport?

All the airport parking options we offer on findparking.com offer secure parking near FAT airport. Several have CCTV surveillance, fencing, and round-the-clock security.

February 2023